Bike tours in the city of Messolonghi

Participation Fee
/ person
Messolonghi is a cyclist's paradise - perfectly flat with adventurous alleyways and unlimited sea views. Locals prefer bicycles for all their daily commutes and it's hard to find a home without one, two or three bikes! We ride through alleyways. We make a stop at the Garden of Heroes followed by a visit to the ancestral home of Kostis Palamas, that is directly opposite the home of Harilaos Trikoupis. We then proceed on the road towards Tourlida that cuts through the lagoon to see the flamingos, stop at the fishermen's cooperative for snacks and local delicacies and then arrive at the Salt Museum. On the way back, by arrangement, we can visit the local distillery "Trikene" where the smell of ouzo takes us on a journey.
All year
2 hours
Minimum number of participants
4 people
Degree of Difficulty
Good physical condition, over 6 years old
4km to 10km
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