Town of Messolonghi

Messolonghi, the Holy City as it has been called, has been identified more than any other Greek city, as the site of a dramatic siege that took place during the Greek War of Independence of 1821. The gate of the Exodus, ruins of the defense wall, the Garden of Heroes with a mound where the remains of fighters are buried, statues of the Philhellenes, such as Markos Botsaris, Kyriakos Mavromichalis and Lord Byron are only some of the evidences of the role that the city played in the struggle for independence.

The Municipal Art Gallery, which is housed in the Town Hall, hosts a permanent collection of paintings by Greek and foreign painters of the 19th and 20th centuries, lithographs and various objects related to 1821.

In the city are, amongst others, the residence of the Trikoupis family and directly opposite to that, the house of the poet Kostis Palamas is found. An important point of interest is the Speech and Art Center "Dieksodos", one of the most important cultural cells, which is responsible for organizing most of the events that take place and the only Salt Museum which is found in Greece.

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